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Whether you are buying or selling real estate or thinking of becoming a landlord, you need someone who can make sure you are protected.  When buying real estate, a title search should be done so you are assured you have a marketable title.  If selling real estate, a purchase and sales agreement should be drafted and signed and, for the transfer, a deed drafted.  If you cannot be present for the closing, we can draft a power of attorney naming someone you trust to sign in your stead, or the documents can be mailed to you.  We can advise you on the ownership entity that is right for you and your purposes, whether that is joint ownership, common tenancy, through a trust, LLC or by a business.  If you are renting your property, we can draft a lease and, if eviction is necessary, advise you on the process for removing a tenant.  If you are seeking approval of a planning or zoning board, we can bring our experience to assist you.

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